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Obligations of a host employer

• Ensure that the work environment is safe and the Apprentice or Trainee adheres to safe work practices.
• Take responsibility for the day to day tasking of on-the-job training, supervision, guidance and control of the Apprentice or Trainee.
• Provide work! On-the-job training commensurate with the Apprentice or Trainee year level or skill.
• Provide the Apprentice or Trainee the appropriate hours of work per week as specified in the appropriate ‘Industrial Instrument’ (award) and ‘Current Legislation’ pertaining to Apprentices and Trainees.
• Notify Apprentice Hub immediately of: any absence from work, workplace injury, any misconduct, any concerns as to trade suitability, and any other situation affecting workplace harmony and safety.
• Ensure Apprentice or Trainee timesheets are correctly completed and signed by both Apprentice and Host at the end of each week.

The wages structure

Apprentices and Trainees are usually paid a training wage that takes into account the time spent undertaking formal training.
Wages for full-time, part-time and school-based Apprentices and Trainees vary across qualification and are determined by a number of industrial instruments including:
• State or Federal Training Awards
• State or Federal Certified Agreements or Industry Awards
• Queensland or Australian Workplace Agreements

It is also worth noting that wages for Adult Apprentices or Trainees under certain industrial agreements may be paid at special rates.

Apprentice Hub has formulated costing sheets for every industry. These costing sheets are available upon enquiry.
Factored into these costing sheets are:

• Wages
• Tax
• Superannuation
• Annual Leave

• Leave Loading
• Workers Compensation
• Sick/Bereavement Leave
• Wage Incentive Rebates